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APEC Energy Smart Communities Initiative Best Practices Awards Program

Launched in 2010, the Energy Smart Communities Initiative (ESCI) has contributed greatly to the advancement of green growth, sustainable development, long-term job creation and APEC's goal of energy intensity reduction of at least 45 percent by 2035 with 2005 as the reference. As the information hub of ESCI network, the Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) has helped disseminate and share best practices of ESCI's areas of focus in a systematic manner. As a way to encourage best practices, facilitate knowledge-sharing and give public recognition to individual accomplishments in the energy smart related cases within the APEC region, ESCI-KSP hosts an “ESCI Best Practices Awards Program”. The first awards occurred in 2013 and the second awards in 2015.

2017 The 3rd ESCI Best Practices Awards Program
Associated with EWG 53









2015 The 2nd ESCI Best Practices Awards Program
Associated with EWG 50
Honolulu Hawaii









2013 The 1st ESCI Best Practices Awards Program
Associated with EWG 46
Da Nang Vietnam