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Cooperative Network of Sustainable Cities

 Objectives of CNSC

• To create an action plan of establishing the Cooperative Networks for City Executives and Service providers;

• To build capacity in cities sustainable development by providing series and systematic training courses to relevant stakeholders to improve the professional knowledge, decision-making, marketing, finance essay and technical quality;
• To increase knowledge in the technology, knowledge and products by setting up a technology, knowledge and products sharing platform for future widely popularizing and transferring this database among APEC economies through various ways;

Work contents–Urbanization
26. Under the pillar of Urbanization, we seek to identify new drivers of economic growth by pursuing urbanization and sustainable city development. We support APEC partnership initiatives on urbanization and undertake to establish a cooperative network of sustainable cities in APEC economies. We will organize forums, hold policy dialogues, and utilize international sister-cities programs to promote cooperation and share
experiences on urbanization and sustainable city development.
27. We will facilitate the use of existing resources for research and capacity building on urbanization. We encourage member economies to support urbanization cooperation and urbanization-related projects, including by making voluntary contributions to establish a sub-fund within the APEC framework.
28. We applaud progress made in the APEC Low Carbon Model Town Project and the promotion activities under it. We underscore the importance of eco-city and smart city cooperation programs, and undertake to explore pathways to green urbanization and sustainable city development.

Firstly endorsed


New Sub-Fund
Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria for Accessing Three New ASF Sub-Fund

Highlighted in new Declarations
We commend the efforts of member economies in implementing the APEC Cooperation Initiative for Jointly Establishing an Asia-Pacific Urbanization Partnership.

–23rd APEC Leaders’ Declaration, Manila

We welcome efforts in implementing the APEC Cooperation Initiative  or Jointly Establishing an AsiaPacific Urbanization Partnership.

–27th JMS, Manila Philippines

We encourage APSEC to continue its work in expanding sustainable city development across the region, cutting-edge clean energy technologies and other programs on energy resiliency.

–12th EMM, Cebu Declaration, Philippines

We instruct EWG to work with APSEC with the assistance of the LCMT-TF to undertake APEC Cooperation Initiative for Jointly Establishing an Asia-Pacific Urbanization Partnership endorsed by APEC Leaders in 2014.

–12th EMM, Cebu Declaration, Philippines Instructions from Ministers


27th JMS, Manila Philippines
• 137. We welcome efforts in implementing the APEC Cooperation Initiative for Jointly Establishing an Asia-Pacific Urbanization Partnership. We encourage relevant fora and sub-fora, including platforms like the Asia-Pacific Sustainable Energy Center (APSEC), to make contribution to the implementation process.

APSEC Workshop on Sustainable Cities
Establishment of the APEC Cooperative Network for Lowcarbon & Energy-efficient Cities


First Batch 7 Cities: 
ACT, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Bitung, Indonesia
Tianjin, China
Turpan, China
Zhenjiang, China
Kunming, China

Establishment of the APEC Sustainable City Service Network

First Batch 10 Organisations:
ANU–Academica, Australia
Maoneng Pty Ltd—Industry, Australia
Collaborative OutcomesIndustry, Australia
Vector Limited—Industry, New Zealand
Tianjin University—Academic, China
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited—Industry, HK China
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited—Industry, HK China
Hong Kong and China Gas Investment Limited—Industry, HK China
Australia-Indonesia Center—Research, Australia


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