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Smart Grids

Smart Grid Road Maps


SG-1.3 Road Maps for Building Automation

This folder contains road maps for building automation, including plans for rolling out Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), a critical piece of infrastructure necessary for enabling building automation.

SG-1.4 Road Maps for Electric Vehicle Integration

The folder contains road maps for electric vehicle integration into the electric grid. The expected increase in electric vehicle use will present a challenge of meeting this new demand as well as potential for using vehicles as short-term storage for mitigating load peaking.

SG-1.5 Road Maps for Microgrids

The folder contains road maps for the development of independent microgrid systems, creation of systems of microgrids, as well as integration of microgrids into traditional electricity grid architectures.

SG-1.6 Smart Grid Demonstration Projects

This folder contains smart grid demonstration projects from throughout the APEC economies. These demonstrations provide information about technologies implemented, best practices employed in establishing new systems, and user experiences.