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What is the policy, vision, or objective of the town? Please specify the actual goal and its metrics, if applicable.

The Navy Yard is a modern and dynamic 1,200-acre urban development, offering the Philadelphia region a unique and centrally located waterfront business campus that is committed to smart energy innovation and sustainability.

Brief outline of the low carbon town development plan

PIDC, its tenants, and partners have undertaken a number of sustainability-related initiatives at The Navy Yard to create a progressive and green work environment.

Adaptively reusing Navy-built buildings for new, modern office use, as well as their original industrial intent

Constructing the first developed-owned, multi-tenant LEED® Platinum buildings in the U.S. (One Crescent Drive)

Encouraging new buildings to be certified LEED® Silver at minimum

Using green technologies for renovations and maintenance, e.g. Energy Star roofs, energy efficient windows and lighting

Undertaking a major water/sewer project to upgrade The Navy Yard’s aging infrastructure and improve water conservation

Rebuilding the road system with improved stormwater management systems

Expanded landscaping with water-loving plants and rain gardens, as well as permeable asphalt

Solar-and wind-powered street lamps

The Navy Yard Shuttle services free to employees and visitors to connect to mass transit

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Bicycle racks and lanes

EV charging station

Other Supply Side Measures

The success of The Navy Yard redevelopment is rooted in a foundation of sustainability. Acknowledging the importance of energy in any large-scale development such as The Navy Yard, an energy master plan was also created at the same time as releasing the 2013 Update to the Real Estate Master Plan.
Today, The Navy Yard is a catalyst for energy innovation in the region and a national model for sustainability. Its Smart Energy Campus represents a groundbreaking convergence of private businesses, universities, and government, investing collaboratively in the energy-saving technologies of the future.

As one of the largest East Coast non-military, unregulated electric distribution systems, The Navy Yard’s assets and infrastructure make it a uniquely attractive place for businesses, with an emphasis on energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability. It offers the region’s most densely populated collections of privately-owned LEED®-certified buildings, a $129 million U.S. Department of Energy Innovation Hub, a 35-megawatt unregulated electric grid that is host to some of the nation’s leading smart grid research, and an innovative network of stormwater technologies built into the street grid.

Those physical assets, coupled with the collaborative nature of The Navy Yard’s diverse array of businesses and organizations and the commitment of leadership, make this green campus an ideal setting for demonstrating and deploying energy-efficient technologies, energy generation and storage, and microgrid controls and distribution.

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