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What is the policy, vision, or objective of the town? Please specify the actual goal and its metrics, if applicable.

"’Our vision from a design-build standpoint was, let’s start with the expectation of sustainability and efficiency,’ says Tom Murcott, executive vice president of Gale International, the developer that led the master planning of the $35 billion urban development, built on reclaimed land along the Yellow Sea. The whole area was designed so people might never have to drive. ‘A big goal of ours was to get people out of cars,’ Murcott says. "

Brief outline of the low carbon town development plan

"- In a study, the team found that if people had to walk more than 12 minutes to a destination, they drive. So the developers put public transit stops within 12 minutes of every apartment building or business. Everyday errands can be accomplished on foot.
– Fifteen miles of bike paths loop through the district, connecting to another 91-mile network nearby. There are bike racks on every block.
– A 101-acre park—inspired by Central Park in Manhattan—stretches through the middle of the district, designed to make people want to walk. Forty percent of the area is green space.
– For those who do drive, the development offers car sharing and gives priority parking to electric cars. Parking is underground, so cars don’t add to the urban heat island effect in the summer, and so there’s more space for pedestrians at street level.
– The district holds 118 LEED-certified buildings; the entire development is also aiming for LEED certification at a neighborhood scale. The area is designed to use 40% less energy than a similar city. Everything is also wired to give feedback to residents, so someone can see how their heating or air conditioning or electricity use compares to the average for their neighbors.
– By 2020, the city plans to recycle 40% of the water used; effluent from buildings is used for flushing toilets and street cleaning. Stormwater is captured on green roofs and also used to irrigate parks."

What private company, non-government ogranizations are/will be involved in development of the project?

Partners in the development of Songdo include Gale International, Posco E&C, KPF, ARUP, Nicklaus Design, Cisco, u.Life Solutions, 3M and Incheon Free Economic Zone.


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