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Ngu Hanh Son District in Danang City

Danang City has proposed a LCT model for its Ngu Hanh Son District.  The proposal incorporates new technologies and a “policy of an effective dissemination” to accomplish the ambitious goal of incorporating the use of biomass energy, effective transportation systems, and energy efficient buildings to achieve model LCMT status.

The Ngu Hanh Son District in Danang City intends to implement the following strategies:

  1. Methane recovery and effective utilization of biomass energy
    1. Utilize methane generated from a sewage disposal and a kitchen waste for a fuel materiaAppendix-1 Plan_LCT(Final)1108245l of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).
    2. Utilize bio-diesel produced from seed oil of plant for a fuel material of BRT.
  2. Low carbon-emission transportation system
    1. Promote electric motorcycle : Establishing a restricted area for engine motorcycles in Ngu Hanh Son District, and building free plug-in stations.
    2. Establish a low-carbon transportation system using BRT along trunk road which runs from the airport and urban area to Ngh Hanh Son District.
  3. Introduction of technologies of energy saving and CO2 saving into buildings
    1. Encourage employing the technologies into public facilities
      1. Air conditioning system with heat pump using river water or sea water,
      2. BEMS, HEMS and CEMS,
      3. Photovoltaic power plants,
      4. Eco-friendly landscape design
    2. Promotion policy introducing the technologies into the facilities of private sector
      1. Comprehensive assessment system for built environment efficiency,
      2. Environment-consideration guideline for buildings.
  4. Encouragement of dissemination of LCMT
    1. Visualization of eco-friendly actions for urban residents,
    2. Encouraging people’s participation to eco-friendly action.

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