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Smart Grids

SG-2.2 Smart Grid Demonstration Projects

Kashiwanoha Campus City


Kashiwanoha Campus City is a future-oriented town model that will set the blueprint for solving various issues in people's daily lives.  Moreover, Kashiwanoha is aiming to be a sustainable town that attaches great importance to its rich natural environment and traditional heritage while combining these elements with new lifestyles and culture, in addition to passing on these achievements to future generations of children.

The Kashiwanoha Campus City brings together the world's knowledge to form a vibrant community based on partnership between the public, private and academic spheres.  Working together with everyone, the aim is to build a vision for enjoyable and exciting lifestyles and thereby contribute to the sustainable growth of Japan and the rest of the world. That said, the Mitsui Fudosan Group along with many partnership organizations are making every effort to promote town development at the Kashiwanoha Campus City. The goal is to develop a town that offers a “New Style for the Next” based on three themes: a smart city, a city of health and longevity, and a city of new industry creation.

Smart City:

The first key element of Kashiwanoha Smart City is an environmental approach to town development taking full advantage of the natural environment specific to the site as a regional resource. As a second element, on top of this urban platform, we will develop energy conservation, reduction and storage infrastructure, next-generation traffic systems, and resource recycling systems, networking them to achieve optimal control. Concurrently, the third element is efforts to develop multifarious communities that support the sustainable lifestyles of people who gather at the town.

A City of Health and Longevity:

Japan has one of the world's most aged populations with high longevity.  Against this social backdrop, the Kashiwanoha Campus is promoting town development through multifaceted activities with academic institutions and local residents, with the view to developing a town that addresses the rapid aging of the population. The goal is to create a town where people can live with peace of mind and in good health in their own homes and neighborhoods for their entire lives, while giving retirees the chance to participate in society using their abilities and knowledge.

A City of New Industry Creation:

Creation of new industries that enable sustainable growth, along with economic revitalization and industry realignment, is vital to the continued development of Japanese society into the future. Key to this process is to go beyond just offering financial assistance, to nurture and foster the potential of enterprises and entrepreneurs while incorporating a global business perspective. The areas along the TSUKUBA EXPRESS rail line are fertile ground for the creation of new industries, as they are home to a large concentration of various academic and research institutes and incubation facilities.


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