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What is the policy, vision, or objective of the town? Please specify the actual goal and its metrics, if applicable.

The Jurong Lake District project represents an exciting opportunity to realise our vision of Singapore as a ‘living laboratory’ where companies and research institutes can collaborate with the government to create, prove, demonstrate, and commercialise innovative urban solutions in a real-life environment.

Brief outline of the low carbon town development plan

The Jurong Lake District will pilot technology solutions of many areas. The projects include:

A seamless connectivity solution from M1 which allows data to be transmitted to, and collected from, vehicles. The technology could enhance monitoring and routing of vehicles through near real-time upload and download of data such as road or weather conditions.
A smart queue monitoring system from RFNet, Panasonic and Elixir Technology. It uses video sensing to determine the length and flow of queues to give consumers an idea of wait times and help companies deploy more resources to ease queues.
A driverless buggy that is being trialed by the National University of Singapore and Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) to ferry passengers in parks and gardens in JLD.
Smart park lighting by Green Koncepts and ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems), which adjusts lighting in response to time of the day and motion detection. It will also automatically detect faulty lighting.
An automated system to determine the cleanliness of public areas. The pilot by Temasek Polytechnic and ZWEEC Analytics makes use of advanced video sensing and smart bin technologies.
A platform that leverages smart phones as sensors. Under the pilot by ST Dynamics, smart phone owners volunteer data on bumpiness and the timing of bus rides to enable better planning of routes and thus improve the transport experience.
A system by Quantum Inventions that mitigates issues related to global positioning system (GPS) navigation in urban canyons, enabling drivers and pedestrians to navigate more accurately around the densely built-up areas of Singapore.

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