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Smart Jobs & Consumers   –  Energy Efficiency Training Curricula:

SJ-1.1 Energy Efficiency Training Programs

Energy Efficiency Training Program

The Energy Efficiency Training Program builds the knowledge and skills of tradespeople and professionals to support improved energy efficiency practices, products and services.

Targeted energy efficiency training also has the potential to stimulate new green jobs and add green skills to existing jobs by supporting innovation, workforce development and sustainable business growth. The program is delivered in partnership between the Office of Environment and Heritage NSW (OEH) and the Department of Education and Communities NSW (DEC).

Through OEH, the Energy Efficiency Training Program:

  • supports industry partnership projects that develop and deliver energy efficiency training
  • supports higher education projects that develop and deliver energy efficiency courses and resources for the university sector
  • undertakes research and evaluation to inform the planning, delivery and evaluation of innovative, targeted energy efficiency training.

Through DEC, the Energy Efficiency Training Program:

  • provides subsidies for Registered Training Organisations to deliver accredited training in energy efficiency skills
  • develops professional development courses to update the energy efficiency knowledge of educators and trainers in the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector.

Industry Partnership projects

A low carbon economy demands new skills. Business owners, managers and workers who understand how to reduce carbon emissions and to use energy more efficiently will help businesses save money and power, lower resource costs and improve sustainability.

The Program has funded 31 energy efficiency training projects from key sectors to:

  • train managers and staff to make business operations, products or services more energy efficient and less carbon intensive
  • customise or develop specific courses that are practical and effective for staff and businesses
  • measure the benefits of the training to staff and businesses
  • share the results and benefits of the training with other organisations.

By 30th June 2011, 17 courses had been successfully piloted.

Higher Education projects

The Program supports the development and delivery of higher education courses and resources that can improve energy efficiency knowledge and practice.

This includes work with universities and professional associations to ensure key professions such as engineers, business managers and accountants have access to professional development, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Energy efficiency higher education projects have been funded to develop:

  • five undergraduate and nine professional development engineering courses at the University of Wollongong
  • eight undergraduate/postgraduate engineering courses and one continuing professional development (CPD) engineering course at the University of NSW
  • course resources for numerous CPD, undergraduate and postgraduate courses for accountants and business managers. These are being developed by the University of NSW, the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Western Sydney and Macquarie University and their key industry partners.

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