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SG-2.2 Smart Grid Demonstration Projects

Construction and Establishment of the Smart Micro-grid Demonstration Park in Linbain Township

In 2009, Typhoon Morakot, more than 3000 mm of rainfall, muddy stroke Pingtung coastal subsidence area seriously, caused the orchards and fish farms reconstruction difficult. With the reconstruction, Pingtung County Government rethinks the relationship between the natural environments. In order to find a way out for the affected area, to promote “raise water grow electricity” plan, Pingtung is the largest commercial solar energy area in Taiwan. Farmers and fishermen get incomes by selling solar energy. Fish farms also become home detention ponds. Pingtung County Government integrate solar energy, wind energy, biogas power generation and other renewable energy sources further, development “radiance wetland smart micro grid” plan , establish the regional autonomy renewable energy and smart supply mode, create a climate change and renewable energy wetland education park. By implementation of the low carbon living, Pingtung County becomes the green innovative leader’s city in Taiwan.

Pingtung County, Taiwan, was one of 100 cities or other jurisdictions selected to receive a Smarter Cities Challenge grant from IBM as part of its citizenship efforts to build a Smarter Planet, 2013. During three weeks in November 2013, a team of five IBM experts worked to deliver recommendations on a key challenge identified by PingTung County Government. According to the report, Pingtung County Covernment should have the long-term strategy for renewable energy.

Based on the establishment of smart micro grid demo site in Linbain Township, Pingtung County becomes the green innovative leader’s city in Taiwan, which utilizes the self-sufficient renewable energy to improve the energy utilization, strive to increase the renewable energy benefit, and optimize the quality of the life. Through the development of micro grid, biogas generation and solar farm to reserve water, Pingtung County continuously promotes the relevant projects, implements the renewable energy, and plans the long-term blueprint for 2020 years, towards the green innovative leader of the city.

It is expected that the capacity of photovoltaic system will rise up to 100MWp including solar firm to reserve water in phase II and sunshine community in Pingtung County. After the integration of micro grid system, the reliance on the outsourcing electricity can be reduced, and the constraint of installed capacity can be improved. In doing so, the vision of million sunshine rooftop plan proposed in Taiwan is reachable. The long-term development not only mitigates the importing energy, but keeps the promise of carbons reduction in the world. It can accelerate the green industry to become more and more mature in the world.


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