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What is the policy, vision, or objective of the town? Please specify the actual goal and its metrics, if applicable.

‘Urban development or urban restructuring by eliminating things of no use from the conventional cities which have been developed without public order or any reasonable consideration‘

a new style of the urban development In the fields of:
(1)Energy saving
(3)physical waste elimination

Vietnam is going to enter the era of motorization and must be prepared fully. If automobiles increase without its preparation, then it will be always jammed or its development will be limited without expanding to its suburbs like other cities in Asian countries.

Other Demand Side Measures

(1)Energy saving

• Establishment of Energy Management Company
• Set up of the system to bring less power cut to the limited power distribution area
• Set up of the system to bring less to the limited power distribution area
• Energy saving in the whole area


• To make the wireless city using a new wifi system → it is difficult and also waste to connect wires again. We will have to connect big points to big points by optical fiber cables but points from the big points should be connected by wireless system. It is same idea as Park & Ride, suppose the optical fiber cables are train lines then after the stations we had better go anywhere as we like. It is a hard job to remake cities but it will be very easy to set up wireless infrastructure and we will be able to target the newest smart community in the world.
• Wifi system which can bear big data to be sent
• To make big data efficient by deleting useless data using AI function to judge necessity of the data.
• To avoid waste by monitoring smart cameras. For example, remote control of the traffic signals at the jammed crossings

(3)physical waste elimination

• Wide roads
①eliminate waste of gasoline and time by avoiding traffic jam
②eliminate future waste as there will be unnecessary to expand in the future
(In Vietnam, narrow roads were developed a lot during the time of French sovereignty. Huge efforts and energy are necessary for infrastructures to be remade if once completed. For example, it is very difficult to expand roads in the cities already developed fully)
→ It will be easier to develop infrastructures in newly developed cities.
• Administration Center
It aims efficient administration by gathering public offices into one place from many places.
• Rich greens
It gives stress-free lives by eco-friendly development. It prevents from atmospheric temperature to going up and eliminate energy waste.
• Townhouses
Construction of 3-4 stories assemblage houses with commercial ground floor: they are used as shops but they will be reasonably diverted into car parks in the near future when motorization occurs together with nuclear families.
• Industrialized and commercialized agriculture in the region

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